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Fullon Hotel Kaohsiung

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Outdoor Swimming Pool


A round-designed swimming pool is a quiet space where you can feel relaxed in the bustling city.


Open in summer (May to October)


※Depth: 120cm。
※Please take a shower and wash feet before entering the pool.
※Those who are not in their swimming suits, pants or cap may not enter the pool.
※No food is allowed in the pool.
※Those who suffer from skin disease or other infectious disease may not enter the pool.。
※Please do not run or play by the pool. Diving is not allowed. 。
※Children under 10 may not enter the pool without being accompanied by parents or guardian.
※No floating materials or toys are allowed in the pool.
※Please do not enter the pool after finishing eating or drinking.
※Please do not enter the pool if you are ill, have drunk alcohol or just had a meal, or suffer from high blood pressure, heart diseases, infectious disease, asthma, or epilepsy.
※The first Monday of every month is the maintenance day and is not open to the tenants.



Facility Information

Hours :7:00a.m.-10:00p.m.
Open in summer (May to October)